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My Name is Paul Caine and I'm a freelance web designer / developer from Barrow In Furness.

I have been building websites and helping support projects for around 15 years+, although I did come away from it for a little while a couple of years ago to focus on family and work, I'm back doing what I love.

I have worked on a couple of projects and I will continue to add them to my portfolio as I go on.

My goal for Caine Media Is to continue doing what I do and build up my customer base & portfolio and maybe move on to bigger, better things.

In A Nut Shell

about Caine Media and myself, Paul Caine.
What I do, About my Freelance work and anything else I can Add.

Paul Caine

The Man, The Myth.

Born and raised in Barrow In Furness since 1981 *cough *cough!
I have had a few different jobs over the years but the job I fell in love with, was when I got the opportunity as a lead developer with a local company back in 2005ish.
Unfortunately, it fell in the wrong hands and mistakes were made coursing the company to fold.

At the present, I'm working a full-time job but with the passion and time as a freelance developer/designer.
This is why I have setup Caine Media, Enjoying what I do and with not many overheads I can and will always give the right price.

Aims & Goals

Mmm what to do?!

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